We are looking for original, unpublished fiction and poetry with strong character arcs and immersive description. Build worlds and break hearts. 

For essays, we're looking for factual, but not academic--keep the people in your story front and center.

Simultaneous submissions are allowed, but please withdraw your work if it is accepted elsewhere.

If we have rejected your work, please wait 90 days before submitting again, unless we request you to send us another piece for consideration.

We will not respond to any work sent to our email inbox. If you are having issues with Submittable, please let us know, but do not attach your work.

We do not accept multiple submissions in any category.

We will try to get back to you on your submission within three months. If you have not heard from us in 90 days, you may follow up on the status of your submission with an email to

Talk about! Pop Culture! (pop pop pop culture!)

We know Pop Culture issues are a dime a dozen, and hey, we're no different. We here at Drunk Monkeys LOVE all things television, film, music, books... really anything that can fall under that broad, broad spectrum. So we want to see how much you love it, too.

Send us anything you'd think we can't live without. There are only three specific guidelines: 

1. Please, the connection to Pop Culture needs to be obvious. Not hit us over the head obvious, but we need to be able to discern the connection. 

2. Please, do not send us anything abusive- racist, misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, ,etc etc etc. Not only will we reject it, but we'll remember.

3. THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT: Please title your submission with the genre at the beginning. POETRY: "This is my poem about Bojack" or FICTION: "Another Night in the Black Lodge". That sort of thing. Even just "Art: Two Photos" will do. This is so helpful to us.

General genre guidelines still apply, naturally. 

Otherwise. let's do this thing. As Magnitude from Community says, "Pop POP!"

Stories longer than 4,000 words are eligible for publication as featured weekend reads. 

There is a 10,000 word limit on this category.

Please remove hard returns and double spaces after periods from your document, and remove indentations from the beginnings of your paragraphs.

Short stories can be on any subject, but we prefer that they contain a clear beginning, middle, and end. 

Flash stories should be no longer than 1,500 words, but should contain a complete story arc.

If your story is over 1,500 words, please submit to Fiction (under 4,000 words).

Stories under 1,000 words will not be considered

Tired of long wait times? Tired of refreshing Submittable, hoping to see "In-Progress" turn into "Acceptance"? 

For a $3.00 fee, our editorial staff will consider and respond with either an acceptance or rejection within 24 hours of receipt of your submission. 

For fiction, there is a strict word limit of 3,000 words. 
For poetry, please send only one poem at a time for consideration. 
For non-fiction, please send full articles only, no queries (word limit 5,000) 

If your work is rejected, we will give you a brief one-to-two sentence personalized feedback response. 

Poetry can be on any subject and any length.

Please be aware that our site’s template makes it difficult to maintain non-traditional formats. 

Poetry submissions should be in the form of a document containing up to five poems. Submissions containing over six poems or more will not be considered for publication. 

Essays can be submitted either as a finished work or as a query. Queries should be sent through Submittable, inside a document. Do not send queries to our email address. We will not respond to email queries. There is a 6,000 word limit on this category.

We are currently seeking film essays for our online issues. Essays should be at least 1,000 words long, and no longer than 5,000 words

If you have an essay of longer than 5,000 words, please query in the space provided. 

We are currently seeking Music Essays for the upcoming issues of our online magazine. Essays should be at least 1,000 words long, and no longer than 5,000 words

If you have an idea for an essay or retrospective series over 6,000 words long, please query first. 

We will also consider Musical Performance Videos to run on our site or share on our social media pages.